The Greg Farrell Grant

We honor Greg Farrell, the late former president of the HPEF and founding President of EL Education, with a grant made available to Keene Central School faculty.

Greg believed in active learning and collaboration, and he recognized the value of teachers as creative agents in their classrooms. In that spirit we will be awarding up to $3000 to individuals or teams for self-designed professional development and place-based learning initiatives with the goal of creating transformative learning experiences for students at KCS.

Greg tirelessly and cheerfully strove to make schools more effective and engaging. Hundreds of schools are using his model today and scores of teachers have been inspired by his design principles. We hope this grant will help to keep Greg's vision alive at KCS well into the future.

Greg Farrell Portrait

Our Mission

The specific objective and purpose for which this Foundation has been organized shall be to ensure the long-term survival and health of the Keene Central School as a vital institution in our town. HPEF is committed to supporting the implementation of the KCS Strategic Plan, which covers both growth in student population through recruiting, and enrichment of educational programs for teachers and students of the Keene Central School District.


How to Donate

Funding for our work comes from charitable (and tax deductible) gifts from community members who understand the importance to our town of a vibrant school and our continuing responsibility to invest in the education of the next generation.

Donate online via the Adirondack Foundation, or by mail to: HPEF c/o ACT, PO Box 288, Lake Placid, NY 12946. Please make checks payable to the Adirondack Foundation HPEF Annual Fund.

What We Do

The programs we have funded most recently include fourth grade river research, the Forest Friday outdoor classroom, the International Student Program, and the history/music trip to New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville.

Who We Are

HPEF is run by a volunteer board of trustees, which includes both full-time and seasonal residents. Our officers are John Schuler (president), Sunny Beach (vice-president), Jenn Marshall (treasurer), and Bradley Blackway (secretary).

High Peaks Education Foundation | PO Box 475 | Keene Valley, NY 12943 | board@highpeaksed.org